If you have any doubt about how I create my sculptures, the prices, return items, and more, please read the following questions and answers. If after reading the policy and the FAQ pages, you still have any questions, don’t hesitate to fill up the form at the end of the page. 

  • What are your sculptures made of?
    Most of my sculptures are made of air-drying white clay. I sometimes use red clay or terracotta. It might vary depending on the final texture that I want to achieve or because sometimes once is easier to work with. Sometimes I can use extra materials like wire or twine, depending on de details; or they could be for functional reasons: for structure or hangers/hooks. 
  • What kind of paint do you use?
    Most of the times, acrylics. Sometimes I use watercolours, but only when there are shadows that I cannot get with acrylics; and pens, for really small details. 
  • Are all the things that you make varnished?
    Yes, always. Even though an area of the sculpture is not exposed to be touched or scratch, the varnish protects the painting from dust, water, or any other substance that can get in touch with.
  • Why are not the shipping costs as cheap as in other online shops?
    The shipping costs are not only what the shipping company may charge for the parcel, but also the materials that I need to make sure that the item is safe and it will get delivered to you without a problem. These materials are the box, foam, tissue paper, bubble wrap, tape and, if necessary, wooden structure.
  • In the shop there are some items that say “pre-order”, what does it mean?
    This means that when you buy one of those items, it won’t be sent to you immediately; they need to be made first. 
  • Why can I not return an item?
    I make sure that every item is revised and carefully packed before sending it. Therefore, I’m not responsible for any damage that the parcel can suffer during the shipping. If in any case the parcel is lost in transit and it can be proved, I would pay back the cost of the item (shipping costs excluded). 
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