The prices are established according to the size of the figure, its difficulty of accomplishment, the accuracy of the details and the time used to elaborate de figure. The prices that appear in the web page have been established by previous orders but they are subjected to modification according to the alterations that might be produced in some of the aspects previously mentioned. For commissions the prices will be established attending to the conditions previously mentioned.

The payment of the figure can be made by Paypal. Every figure will have to be bought with a minimum anticipation of 5 working days to be able to be sent; and 20 working days on new designs. For the figures bought on the web there is a margin of cancellation of 48 hours.


For commissions, the payment would be done in two instalments: once the design of the sculpture is established and the second when the final sculpture is approved. The first payment would be 50% percent of the final cost, and the second one of the other 50% plus shipping costs. The client will be able to cancel the order within 48 hours following the confirmation of the design of the sculpture. Passed this time the cancellation cost will be 30% of the total cost of the sculpture, if the figure is in the first phase of production; and 100% if the modelling phase is completed or the sculpture is completely finished.


Chibinendo Art is not responsible for the damages produced during the shipping. However, an insurance will be included, but the refund of the costs will depend on the shipping company. If in any case the parcel is lost in transit and it can be proved, the cost of the item would be paid back (shipping costs excluded). The shipping costs are not included on the price of the figure and are subjected to the weight (kg) and measures (cm) of the package; never of the figure. This means that if the final package overcomes the proportions and weight of the order, as it normally does, the costs would change. The figures will be sent three or four days after the reception of the payment.


My website at chibinendoart.com sells art, print goods and services which are aimed at personal and business users – from one-of personal commissions, start-ups and independent designers to larger organisations. This website is not intended for children and we do not knowingly collect data relating to children.

Personal data, or personal information, means any information about an individual from which that person can be identified. The buyer's personal data that reaches the seller are the shipping address, name and contact e-mail.

The bank details are absolutely privatized and hidden in the purchase process, so the seller can not access them.

The photographs sent by the buyer for the realization of personalized products are of full use for the realization of them. They will not be publicly displayed or published on social networks.

On the website, I always try hard to make it really clear what I'm doing and what communications you will be sent – and you have a right at any time to change your mind and say no thank you and opt out (but I’d be really sorry to see you go!). The easiest way to opt out is to use the unsubscribe link at the bottom of the communication.