Water lilies


Reliefs of water lilies with watery effects.



Exclusive designs of water lilies with watery effect made with transparent resin. With variations on the sizes, positions, formats, number of flowers and water effect, this flowers are perfect for a soozing and relaxed ambient. Create your own scenario without moving from your sofa!

Materials: made with clay and epoxy, painted with acrylics and with a matte and glossy finish varnish.

This item can only be pre-ordered.
When back-ordering, please allow 10 days for production.
Please allow 2-3 days for hand-packaging.
You will receive an email 24hrs after the order is placed.

Additional information


Diptic, One piece


Hanged, Centre piece

Size (high x width)

22x16cm, 28x21cm

Water backgrounf effect

Blue ish with shadows, Black

Number of flowers

One, Two


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